Install python pip to install your packages through proxy

Using Pip

►If you use pip to install your packages, all you need to do is:
pip install –proxy https://{windows_username}:{windows_password}@proxyserver:8080 {package_name}

►{windows_username}: Replace with your Windows username without the ‘domain\’ part

►{windows_password}: Replace with your Windows password

►{package_name}: Replace with the name of the Python package you want to install

Using Conda

►If you use conda to install your packages, you need to find the .condarc file on your computer. It is usually stored here C:\Users\{windows_username}.

►If you can’t find the .condarc file, you need to create it yourself with a text editor like Notepad++. The .condarc file is a special file, it’s extension is ‘.condarc’ and it has no file name.

►Open your .condarc file, and add the following line:

http: https://{username}:{password}@proxyserver8080/

https: https://{username}:{password}@proxyserver:8080/

►Remember to replace {username} and {password} with your company Windows username and password

►Your .condarc file should look something like this: